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A musical venture that draws from the roots of emotive storytelling and captivating rhythm, Nairo is an Italian/Moroccan-born, London based electronic music artist and live act.

One of the most creatively different DJs in the circuit, NAIRO doesn’t stop short of being a powerhouse artist. 
The whole tech whiz thing is ultimately a tool that allows him to devote most of his time determining what to play and when, enchanting a crowd, making people dance—in short, delivering the kind of ecstatic communal experience that elevates playing songs to the art of DJing in a most delightful way for someone so young, and shows a maturity far beyond his years.


Experimenting and releasing music under different names and genres has kept this sonic star busy in recent years and has moreover helped him mature and glide into the spotlight with imprints such as Somatic, Awen & Steyoyoke.


Inspirational tracks


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